Abiding Presence Lutheran Church (San Antonio, TX)
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Abiding Presence Lutheran Church (San Antonio, TX)

Zimmer 1974 - 2 Manuals / 27 Ranks
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Current Projects, Renovations & Restorations
About This Project

The Zimmer pipe organ was a gift from First English Lutheran Church of Columbia, Pennsylvania, after merging with another congregation in 1974.  Their organ was available, and our firm completed the negotiations for expansion and relocation to Abiding Presence Lutheran Church in San Antonio, Texas.

The project included extensive changes to the sanctuary chancel, already under construction. Space for the organ was redesigned to house the new instrument, and acoustical changes were made to the church.

Extensive engineering was undertaken to fit the organ in its new space. Included was the design and construction of a new case to house the 16 ‘ Contra Bass/Salizional stop. Several new chests were built, and the winding system received an overhaul complete with a new blower. Once installed, the organ was re-voiced and finished to match the new worship space.

The organ was dedicated on October 2, 2005 (which happened to be Mr. Parkey’s birthday), by Dr. Joyce Jones of Baylor University.

Abiding Presence has approved a new the installation of a new 16′ Basson/8′ Hautbois reed for the Swell Division. Installation is scheduled for summer of 2015.