Parkey OrganBuilders, builders of distinguished pipe organs, dedicated to creating pipe organs that possess musical integrity and tonal excellence.
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Dedicated to creating pipe organs that possess musical integrity and tonal excellence

At Parkey OrganBuilders, we understand that no two organs are alike. We also know that the challenging music you perform demands precision and artistry in your instrument, as well as a sensitivity to the role the instrument plays in your church or institution.

Achieving perfection requires more than technical expertise alone. Most of our staff members are experienced musicians, and we work closely with each customer to determine how the instrument will be played, how it fits within your musical program and also within the physical space itself. Whether building and installing a brand new instrument, or servicing or rebuilding an existing organ, we are truly dedicated to ensuring that all of your needs are met, and that your expectations are exceeded in every way.

Only so much can be written to tell you about our skills and commitment. After all, our work is about music, not words. The true test lies within our work itself, which is why we encourage anyone considering a new organ or the augmentation or rebuilding of an existing instrument to hear and play a Parkey Organ.

Our Tonal Philosophy

Company Profile

Parkey Organbuilders (formerly Southeastern Organ Services) was founded in 1987 in Asheville, North Carolina. Our initial operations consisted of pipe organ maintenance and service. In 1989, the company relocated to Atlanta, GA and in 1995, after experiencing exponential growth, changed its name to Parkey OrganBuilders and expanded operations beyond service, tuning and maintenance to encompass the full range of organ design, construction and installation. In 2003, we expanded yet again to our current home in nearby Norcross. This 15,000 sq. ft. facility houses our corporate offices, production operations and storage for the company.

We maintain active working relationships with many musicians, respected consultants, and industry experts from around the world.

And, unlike other companies for whom pipe organs are but one facet of their business, Parkey Organbuilders is dedicated solely to the creation and construction of pipe organs. Our experience, expertise and love of our work have made us one of the largest pipe organ builders in the Southeastern United States.

The combined expertise of our professional staff represents over a century of musical and technical experience.

Phil Parkey

Phil Parkey

Phil Parkey developed an interest in music very early in life. As a child, he studied piano and organ, which continued all the way through college, where he studied with two instructors while earning a degree in Management and Administration from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, with a minor in Economics and Accounting. After moving to Atlanta, Phil spent the next five years honing his craft and developing an expertise in the mechanics and construction of pipe organs.

Earning a reputation as an artisan in the industry, Phil Parkey has served as a tonal designer and voicer on over 35 instruments. His installation and mechanical experience spans over 75 instrument installations, and he has had the opportunity to study many different schools of tonal design and mechanical construction. This foundation of knowledge and firsthand experience has resulted in superior tonal development, mechanical construction and adherence to the desired application for each Parkey pipe organ.

In addition to overseeing daily business operations, Mr. Parkey is an active member of the American Institute of Organbuilders (AIO) and the Atlanta Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (AGO). He has served these groups and others in numerous capacities, including:

  • Host and Convention Chair for the 2003 National Convention of the AIO
  • Past Executive Board Member, Sub-Dean and Dean for the Atlanta Chapter AGO 1997-2004
  • Treasurer for AGO Pipe Organ Encounters 1995
  • Co-Chair for AGO Pipe Organ Encounters 2000
  • Steering Committee Member AGO Pipe Organ Encounters 2004
  • Past President and Vice-President of the Metropolitan Atlanta Choral Arts Society
  • Guest Lecturer on the art of organ building for various groups, including the AGO, Georgia State University, Pipe Organ Encounters, and area churches.


Mr. Parkey has also been nationally recognized for his dedication to the history and preservation of early pipe organs, including the renovation and careful expansion of notable existing instruments.