How We Work
Parkey OrganBuilders, builders of distinguished pipe organs, dedicated to creating pipe organs that possess musical integrity and tonal excellence.
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How We Work

Builders of Distinguished Pipe Organs

A true partnership involves an open exchange of knowledge and ideas. At Parkey OrganBuilders, we believe that active involvement of both parties regarding assessment, planning and design changes of either existing worship or recital spaces or designs for new spaces are crucial to the success of a pipe organ.

Our team will listen attentively to your needs, your hopes and desires. Because each instrument and project is unique, we do not apply standard specifications to our work. Instead, each instrument is carefully considered and addressed on an individual basis.

Once the proposal is approved and contracts are signed, our individual craftsmen can begin! Throughout the project, we will continue to work with you so that no detail goes unaddressed. Only then can we create a timeless instrument that will exceed your expectations and enrich your church or university for decades to come.

In much the same way that a great piece of music inspires listening again and again in order to experience everything it has to offer, a great organ should also be able to excite its audiences for generations to come. For that reason, it is vital that we ask the right questions during the planning process and give our most dedicated efforts throughout each endeavor. Doing so enables us to create a sound and an instrument that are timeless.

~ Phil Parkey



Uncommon Artistry and Time-Honored Engineering Practices

In the tradition of organbuilding, components such as consoles, winding systems, and relays provide the mechanical structure for the pipe organ. The perfection of these elements has evolved over the years through the work of many talented builders in the field. As an organbuilder, our responsibility is to uphold these time-honored standards of mechanical craftsmanship, while perfecting the distinctive voicing and scaling characteristics of your organ’s pipework.

The needs of your music program and unique acoustical space provide important guidance to the placement and number of stops in the organ. Each stop is developed as its own voice, rendering both individual breath and a building block to the ensemble. It is through the custom scaling and careful voicing of the pipework that we create a rich array of sounds. In much the same way that an artist uses a color palette to create a masterpiece, these shades of sound provide the organist with an extensive tonal palette from which to create exceptional music.

We invite you to contact our offices to arrange a tour of our facility and to visit some of our instruments. Ask for Phil Parkey at 678-296-6693 or email Mr. Parkey at [email protected].