Pipe Organ Restoration
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Pipe Organ Restoration

What to do with an existing instrument?


Pipe organ restoration - First Baptist Church of Dalton Pipe organ restoration - St. Peters Episcopal Hook and Hastings tracker organWhile our company’s main focus is on the design, construction and installation of new instruments, we are often approached by customers who wish to preserve an existing or older organ that isn’t performing to its full potential. In many cases, the organs are substantial instruments with both tonal and mechanical credibility. The problem may be mechanical degradation resulting from age and use, or an instrument that was originally built with limited tonal guidelines.

Our extensive experience as a builder and service provider enables us to handle various problems and considerations with these organs. We can review and assess the circumstances and provide valid options and recommendations. In many cases, an existing instrument is a perfect candidate for rebuilding and expansion rather than replacement.

There are many instruments of fine caliber that have stood the test of time and use admirably. However, because they are mechanical instruments, parts wear out and leather components fail over time. The organ may be good tonally but has become mechanically unreliable and frustrating to play. Our firm has completed a number of mechanical and tonal renovations to existing instruments with excellent results.

Historic Restoration of the Hook at St. Peters

Historic Restoration of the Hook and Hastings Pipe Organ at St. Peters Episcopal Church, Talladega, Alabama

We can address any number of options for an existing instrument

As music programs have grown and become more diverse, changes to a console may be perfect solution to a chronic problem. We can offer an array of console upgrades for additional capture memory, MIDI interface solutions, concert piston sequencers and even record/playback options.

Wiring and relay systems are sometimes the cause of reliability issues. These systems also come into play regarding safety for the organ and the facility. New standards were established in the early 1990s, and our firm has worked with these standards for over 15 years with great success. We also maintain insurance standards and licensing for such work.

Pipe organ pipes detailRenovation or releathering of present windchests is an available service. If windchests have deteriorated beyond restoration, our firm can provide new custom windchests at a reasonable cost.

We find that renovations are the opportune time for regulation and updates for the tonal design of the organ. As pipes are built of soft, malleable metals, gravity plays a part in the degradation of tone of the organ. The problems manifest in situations such as uneven volume, notes that may be slow to speak, or articulation that is not consistent. Since the level of degradation occurs over years, sometimes the organist is unaware of the changes until they have the opportunity to compare their instrument to a new instrument or until they take a long hard listening tour of their own instrument. Cleaning and light regulation can return the splendor to the sound of the organ and stability of the tuning.

Simple updates or additions to the organ may also help make a moderate or mediocre instrument a much more satisfying success.

If you have questions about an existing organ, or would like a professional assessment of your pipe organ, please do not hesitate to contact our office with your inquiries. We will be glad to discuss these options with you!

Ask for Phil Parkey at 678-296-6693 or email Mr. Parkey at [email protected].