Custom Pipe Organ Design (New Instruments)
Parkey OrganBuilders, builders of distinguished pipe organs, dedicated to creating pipe organs that possess musical integrity and tonal excellence.
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Custom Pipe Organ Design (New Instruments)

At Parkey OrganBuilders, we believe that you deserve the highest degree of skill and professionalism in every aspect of your pipe organ project, beginning with the design.

Our approach to design is based upon the belief that every organ comes with its own unique set of needs and requirements that calls for both technical expertise and unlimited imagination in order to create an instrument that inspires and realizes the full potential of your musical program.To ensure that you are getting the perfect organ down to the smallest detail, we consider a host of factors during the design phase, including:

  • Room size & acoustics
  • Location of the instrument
  • Specific tonal requirements
  • Musical goals of the church/institution
  • What parts of the organ will be visible to the congregation/audience
  • Wood casework/facades to complement the present architecture
  • Thoughtful construction for easy maintenance accessibility
  • Future needs

CAD rendering FUMC Athens pipe organ
Parkey OrganBuilders also offers in-house CADD design (Computer Aided Design and Drafting). This leading edge technology enables us to construct a 3-D blueprint of your instrument that can be easily adjusted to present various options and accommodate changes prior to the actual construction of your pipe organ. In addition, CADD design helps keep your budget intact and guarantees precision formulas for milled woodwork using computerized CNC routers and master woodworking craftsmen.

At Parkey OrganBuilders we take great care in the design of new instruments. Architectural details for buildings and spaces are considered and blended in the creation of our cases and façades. Careful consideration is given to the tonal design for meeting the client’s needs, whether for a worship space or a teaching studio


We have a proven track record of working with building and liturgical architects when planning new spaces or even renovations to existing spaces.

Our work with acoustical engineers has resulted in very successful spaces for music and spoken word of both large and small scale.

Pipe Organ Rendering - Holy Trinity

We invite you to contact our offices to arrange a tour of our facility and to visit some of our instruments. Ask for Phil Parkey at 678-296-6693 or email Mr. Parkey at [email protected].