Opus 4 – Saint Mark UMC – Willet Chapel (Atlanta, GA)
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Opus 4 – Saint Mark UMC – Willet Chapel (Atlanta, GA)

2 Manuals / 15 Ranks
pipe organ chapel facade saint mark atlanta ga


Custom Design (Opus)
About This Project

In 2004, a new 2-manual, 15-rank organ was installed in Willet Chapel at Saint Mark United Methodist Church in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia.  The console shell and pedalboard were retained from the previous Reuter organ installation as they were constructed of quarter sawn oak and built to match the present wainscot in the chancel.  The console interior, made of walnut with maple stop keys and engravings, was fitted with new tracker touch keys in bone naturals and African Blackwood sharps.  A new Solid State Logic capture action system, along with a MIDI interface, provides 10 levels of memory.

Windchests The windchests are electro-pneumatic to provide good and ample wind for proper pipe speech.  Wind for the main chests is regulated via a wedge bellows and discrete concussion winkers.  This provides a gentle flex to the wind for the organ to enhance the spirited voicing of the instrument.

Façade Two balanced, Gothic-style façades, crafted from oak, position the organ to prominence in the room and complete the focal point of the chancel.  The previous Reuter organ was entombed behind the wall with a small tone opening in the ceiling of the chamber.  The 16′ reed is in polished copper and is exposed against the case turn backs on each side of the window.

Sound Designed to accommodate regular services, weddings and funerals, the organ offers a warm foundation indicative of English choral instruments.  The mutations, flutes, and Klein Trompet offer a number of possibilities for literature and wedding services.  Congregational singing remains a crucial focus with the voicing of the Principal Chorus.  Congregational support is a key factor in the design and voicing of all of our instruments.