Opus 5 – Living Grace Lutheran Church (Tucker, GA)
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Opus 5 – Living Grace Lutheran Church (Tucker, GA)

2 Manuals / 21 Ranks
pipe organ case living grace lutheran tucker georgia


Custom Design (Opus)
About This Project

A new, 2-manual and pedal organ of 21 ranks was built for the new sanctuary of Living Grace Lutheran Church. The organ retains some core material of the original Schantz instrument from St. Matthew’s Lutheran in Atlanta; that congregation merged with St. Michael’s Lutheran in Doraville.

The space for the new organ was planned in cooperation with the music and worship committee, acousticians, and architects. The organ and choir are aligned on the long axis of the nave. Thoughtful planning included good reflective surfaces in the room to foster improved musical properties while retaining a respectable response with the spoken word.

Construction of the new sanctuary was completed during the summer of 2006. The organ was finished in the early fall with its dedication in October of 2006.