Westminster Presbyterian Church, Nashville Tennessee
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Westminster Presbyterian Church, Nashville Tennessee

Renovations & Restorations, Tonal renovations, Console & Wiring
About This Project

We are pleased to announce the completion of the renovation for Westminster Presbyterian Church, Nashville TN.  The project included a new 3-manual custom drawknob console with renovations to the wiring and relay systems.  In addition to the console, renovations to the winding system were completed to correct sagging and unstable wind issues.


A major portion of the work included regulating and revoicing the organ.  The 1985 Schlicker renovation incorporated portions of the 1950s Moller.  Unfortunately the organ was never tonally finished.  Pipes had irregular speech issues.  Stops and ranks did not blend properly and some ranks simply were not voiced correctly.  For nearly 3 months we reset speech and regulated volume.  Pipes with severe tuning issues due to cone tuning methods were addressed.  We returned several reed ranks to our reed voicer for overhaul and improved mechanical assembly.  The final outcome was very satisfying sound resembling the balance of a late 50s Classic American Aeolian-Skinner.


Major renovations to the HVAC system and fitting of slide tuners also allowed for a thorough and complete final tuning which has remained far more stable than our earlier experience with the organ.


The new 3-manual drawknob console includes a software based multiplexing relay and features 512 levels of capture memory, a piston sequencer, MIDI and record/playback controlled via Solid State Organ Systems – Organist Pallet iPad control.  Dimmable LED lighting illuminates the keydesk and pedalboard area.  An adjustable height bench capable of AGO standard height plus 3 inches and minus 2 inches with back rest is one of our standards.  The music rack is also adjustable for depth and height.


John Semingson is the Director of Music and Polly Breckt is the Organist.  The staff and church were a wonderful group of people to work with. We are truly appreciative to have been selected for the project.


Joshua Stafford played a stunning opening recital for the Nashville AGO on April 9, 2018.  Our thanks and appreciation to Joshua for his performance!